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Solar Cooking

solar cooking with childreenTarget group

People from 6-99 years, e.g. pupils, people at the market square in your city,...

Learning aims

In the simplest case, cooking with solar energy provides a visible demonstration of just how much energy the sun gives us and how we can use this gift. Using the example of solar cooking, primary and secondary school students can apply physical principles and deepen their understanding of mathematics or be spurred to think about fair access to the world’s energy resources.

Short description

Students can design and build simple solar cookers themselves. They can cook suitable dishes using solar cookers. Depending on the context and age of the students, this can be supplemented with other activities.


Building solar cookers requires a certain expenditure of effort and, if the devices are really supposed to work, a certain amount of manual skill. These tasks are thus more suitable for small group work than for regular instruction. If little time and few resources are available, it might be preferable to draw on an external partner who owns a professional grade solar cooker and can bring it. Cooking with the solar cooker takes time, too; a suitable assignment should be planned, so that other suitable activities can be undertaken while the cooking is going on.

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