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Thermographic investigation into heat loss of the school building

Target group

Students from 14 to 18 years.

Learning aims

School pupils of all ages should learn to use energy responsibly during their day to day school life. This succeeds better when the whole school strives towards a high level of energy efficiency and in turn a good level of base data is necessary.

Short description

thermografic pictureThe environmental agency in Düsseldorf produced heat pictures of the Comenius grammar school building in 2002. They show the level of heat radiation in colour stages from blue (low heat loss) to green, yellow, orange to red (high heat loss).

In the scope of the project days in July 2002, pupils additionally calculated the heat insulation ability of various parts of the school, under the guidance of external experts. The results were made into displays and a precise heat loss analysis.

Additionally the costs and benefits of already implemented measures were calculated.


These works led to interesting results.

So windows with single glazing showed intensive heat loss. The newer double glazed windows are three times better insulated in the window area, but the window frames made of aluminium produce eight times more heat loss than the old window frames made of wood.

Overall however the most heat was lost through the outside walls, because they have a very large overall surface.

These energy losses can be limited through a suitable room temperature and/or further heat insulation measures.

The already implemented window conversion cost approx. €280,000; the school saves approx. 260,000 kWh of heat energy per year due to this measure. The modernisation of the heating boiler on the other hand cost ‘only’ €50,000; the school saves approx. 220,000 kWH of heat energy per year.

The investigation also showed that approx. 20% of the heat energy used when ventilating the rooms escapes. The pupils and teachers can directly influence this value, because with proper ventilation (short and with wide open windows), less heat energy escapes than with sustained ventilation through a tilted window.

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