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Energy Management in the KEUDA Vocational School

Keuda Vocational College Järvenpää / Finland

Keuda Vocational College operates in 10 establishments and represents a wide variety of secondary vocational education, e.g.

  • Services
  • Technology and transport
  • Restaurant and catering
  • Business and administration
  • Agriculture, Horticulture and Floristry
  • Welfare
  • Culture

The establishments contain 6 000 students in vocational education. The staff amounts to 550 persons. www.keuda.fi/portal/briefly_in_english/

Energy Management

Vocational schools are often large institutions in which lots of people teach and learn and perform many various tasks. Identifying all activities that consume energy is already challenging, and it is harder still to win over those many people who will be affected for the cause of improving energy efficiency.

The KEUDA Vocational School in Finland drafted an “Energy Guide” to that end. Here, tips on energy efficiency are given for 13 areas. Specific aspects of individual professional areas – e.g., cooking and washing – are given due consideration, so that the core concept of energy efficiency can be integrated into the individual training courses and the graduates can also apply what they have learned in their future professional life. Download the Energy Guide ( PDF, 168 kB).

KEUDA participated in the national Energy saving week 2010 with the following activities:

  • Tuesday 5.10: well-being day: local food, healthy breakfast, working in the garden, picking rubbish, no-smoking info, music, art.
  • Monday 11.10: Car-free day - the best group wins the prize.
  • Thursday 14.10: lectures about energy, introduction into the energy guide, posters, articles, measure the energy consumption of cooking,...

Energy Awareness Week in Finland

Energy Awareness Week in Finland is an annual theme week in October during which schools, companies, other organisations and private persons con-centrate on promoting energy efficiency – voluntarily. Motiva has coordinated the theme week since 1997. In 2010 the theme week gatherd some 500 participants. www.motiva.fi/energyawarenessweek


Eco-One, Risto Tenhunen, www.kolumbus.fi/eco-one/

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